Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Gathering

I believe i owe many these... You may click on them and grab them if you want to... I hope everyone enjoyed themselves... and to those who weren't there.. don't worry, Chinese New Year is just around the corner... make sure you look for the right organiser.. :P

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time & Love

As I enter this, i'm really grateful to the Lord God of host for His Grace & Mercy. My trip to Japan is about to begin. With my arrival back in KL, a pit stop where I am to settle certain petty stuff then move on my journey.

My departure from Miri let me know how much the blessing the Lord has blessed me. Looking at my love ones.

As to mention, on top of the list, my family, Whom my wonderful parents I credit to. Their Love is something I come to understand what 'unmeasurable' mean. The greatest blessing I am blessed with!

Then, my fellow comrades. I am truly glad to have been thru my youthful years with these group of beautiful friends. Life seemed so colorful! I dare not say these are the most reliable & faithful friend. BUT they are indeed reliable & faithful.

Life's short. Like a box of chocolate, where u open it. The bitterness, the sweetness, combined to form a sense of harmony & bliss. Each taste was as blissful as another. Nonetheless, just a while only till you pop in another one.

A friend of mine once resound my mind that 'TIME' is our enemy, our friend. It was in the car when, Taiwan pop star, Jay chou's Rainbow (彩虹) brings me the thought that life is indeed short. We really need to wake up! Realize how much we need to appreciate these people before us. While we are still together, still able see each other. We live it to our best that one day, one fine day when we look back the window of yesterday, we have no regrets!

I don't know if you are reading this, but I just want you to know T-H-A-N-K-S for your time & Love! I Love you!