Monday, June 16, 2008

Horizontal or Vertical

In my Today’s Prime time with God, I came across something which I think resounds with our daily life. It reflects what we often encounter, especially with people whom we interacts daily. Being a Christian, my Father for one always reminds me of the identity I bore. I don’t know if any of you have had any encounter where, you just take things into your own hand and try to settle it, what I call ‘my way’.

In the Prime time with God, they call it the horizontal way. That’s where I try to settle things my way. Trying to solve the problem with my reasoning and natural capabilities. The vertical way? It’s what Prime time with God call the ‘God’s way’, where a total reliance on God for resolution. Madness it may sound at times, but the second we insist that we take things into our own hand, God stands still and quiet and watch us fail until we seek Him. We insisted. Remember?

Though I am in no position to talk about parenthood, but I do get a glimpse what my parents try to express sometimes (usually after the complications). They try to tell us, “It’s the wrong way. This way” and we reject it and insist it on our own way. Not till we bump the dead-end, we won’t ask for help. BUT… The wonder of it, our parents are always there to help. Thanks Mom and Dad! Happy Father’s Day~

Kurang Skill

In the recent events of life, I have noticed a particular pattern of my social life. It is in this bustling urban place, full of people from different kind walk of life, I think am getting particularly less skillful at socializing already. Initially, thinking the more I commune, the more skillful I will be. It is however not.

Social seems to be a difficult thing for me. It wasn’t easy as it seems to me before anymore. Often finding myself in the wrong place, wrong timing and wrong words. Questions start to appear. Asking whether is it I have been staying too long and too often with the same group of people? So long and often that I have taken them for granted.

In a group of socializing unit, there are sure to be group of people who talks and there are sure group of people who are listeners. I particularly being a talker of course, play my role as a talker. However, at times, I do find myself in a complicated situation where people find me annoying. Some may suggest that I stay quiet some of the times. As for those who know me, if I ever stay quiet, something must have gone terribly wrong.

In this knotty situation, I have learnt that as we grow older, it is wise to only keep quiet and not talk too much. Even someone whom you thought you may relax and be easy with, may anytime be a complete stranger to you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Scent of the air

In this season of busyness, I have noticed many happenings surrounding me. The struts and frets of life have numbed me. Especially at this crucial moment of exam somber. Through these crucial moments, I have noticed some people surrounded by the scent of love in the air. Some stinking stench of hatred whiles some others, troubled by the unknown aura in the air. Still pondering and mulling over the circumstances they face.

I myself for one am trying to sort out my own affair. Running out of breath, love seems something at a distant shore. A relationship is nowhere to be seen at all. Admiring someone is of course still familiar. Favoring being favoring doesn’t bring any difference compared to admiring an actress on movie~

With that, this lights up the issue of having, being and with. With the Chinese proverbs resounding my mind, (有也烦,没有也烦) apparently, meaning… having and without both causes stress. It is particularly true I suppose. By having a relationship, it causes one to stress. Sometimes it can be very rewarding, but it does come with a price.

As for those who don’t have, are probably free and independent. However, without another counterpart sharing the journey of life. Human being human, are afraid of loneliness. Somehow? Some may say, friends and family. However, don’t family and friends have their limit. Some part of life, they just can’t fulfill their role in it?

A lot of the time, people tend to say, ‘you will have one when you are ready’ or ‘if it’s yours, it will be yours’. But yet again, when is it time? How do you know if you are ready if you never take the step further? And also… If it is yours, and you don’t take any effort in it, will it still be yours?