Monday, October 27, 2008

Covenant Players

Covenant 2
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During the last Saturday Night service at FCC, it was my honor and blessing to have witness once again, a play by the Covenant Players. The play was indeed superb! The message was simple and yet clears! We are proud to have Lina, Jimmy and Michelle from Indonesia, Australia and Philippines to perform for us. There were three dramas. With simple props, like Table, chairs and newspapers, they were able to put up a touching heart drama!

Here are some photos from the Drama. Enjoy!

Part of the Play

The Audience

After the service, the faith station gave 2 of our dear friends a Birthday ‘surprise’. Though slightly late, but we celebrated their birthday! Happy birthday Lavinia! And Happy Birthday, CYC (Cool, Young and Charming) . Isn’t that a cool name? Anyways, here are some of the pictures for your eyes to savor~

Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy

The Cloned Sisters!
Dividing the cake

Fuh~ it was indeed a fruitful and impacting night! After the cake cutting ceremony, I continued the night with short drama workshop session by the Covenant Players! Woo~ Trust me, they are GOOD! Two thumbs up for them! Those who went for the workshop sure learnt tonnes of good tips on how to brush up our voice, our skills in stage play!

Some of the notes will be displayed here below, after the pictures~ Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did!

Jimmy sharing tips on how to get into the mood of the character.

Lina Sharing the tips~
'What?! I can't hear you!'
Some exercise for breathing
More Weird Exercise~

7 basics of Drama

1. Line ownership

2. Eye Communications

3. Diction

4. Projection

5. Body Control

6. Body Movement

7. Characterization

Questions that help you better understand your character

1. Who am I?

2. What time is it?

3. Where am I?

4. What surrounds me?

5. What are my relationships?

6. What is my objective?

7. What do I do when I get what I want?

Try this tongue Twister (The articulartors):

“The Lips, The teeth, the tips of the tongue”

Now try it by biting your index finger.

Say Like this?

It’s hard isn’t it? That will help you construct your wordings if you find yourself poor at pronouncing words. Hope these tips helps~

One for the Album!

Anyways, that was my Saturday night~ it was a truly fruitful night! I had not only an enjoyable session taking photos, but enjoyable time attending the service and the workshop session~ What a night~ I sure hope we can have the Covenant players back soon! God Bless them as they go on to make disciples of ALL Nations!