Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blind Leading the Blind 2009

I can't help but was too busy occupied with many things recently... Here's a back dated post from me... Late is better than never isn't it? Ngaaa... hahaha... Anyways... On 19 April 2009 (Sunday) morning, as early as 7 AM, The organizers and participants started to gather at PJ Civic hall to partake the annual Blind Leading the Blind. Having being held here the 7th Time, the number seems ever growing by year!

I managed to test out the new 85mm 1.8 and following are the results! Of course some group photos are by the 17-85... hehehe... Rather i talk so much... let the pics talk... Hope u all enjoy the pics...


Photography is indeed wonderful... especially when u don't take photographs.. but you CREATE them!

Community Service

Yup, The Lions have been in Malaysia for 50 Years... and the Organizer Lions Club of Petaling Jaya is the Oldest Lions Club existing in Selangor!

Blind association

The Blinds were suppose to lead the lay people to walk... but due to over-whelming response... there weren't enough Blinds to lead the lay.. so... the Lay are blind folded to lead the lay... It was a meaning-ful way for the lay to experience 'darkness' for an hour and a half while changing with the partner the blind-fold at 1.5 KM...

No Colors

The crowd bringing their banner to parade and tell the public of the campaign... Imagine... A world without color!

Brass Band

To make it merrier, the Brass band are invited to play along the way to the end point! This signifies the Blinds who can't see but depends on their hearing for direction!!! what a meaningful event...

Thats how it was...

LOOK at the crowds!!! @.@


These girls are from Leo club of SMK Assunta... they purposely prepared the poster just for the event! How supportive!!

Leo Lions group

Thats a group photo of Leos from Leo club of Monash University and Lions from Lions club of PJ Mutiara... the Sponsoring Lions club for the Monash Leos...

Till then... If you have a chance.. pls remember to participate in the event!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip to Mdm Kang in Kamunting, Perak

On 13 April 2009, together with the Leos of Monash university and Lions of Pj Mutiara, we went to Kamunting, Perak about 4 Hours ride from Sunway City to support the cause of Mdm Kang whom at the age of 67 walks her cause of sheltering close to 200 dogs with all her life savings and some support of the kind-hearted community. Merely coping with life herself, Mdm Kang loves her dogs so much so that she dedicated her life to protect these dogs from being abused, dumped or some case, 'tortured to death'... Every Dog that Mdm Kang takes in has a story of its own.. to which Mdm Kang gives each of it a name and she remembers them ALL... While those of us with a dog or a fish at home, Mdm Kang is taking care of more to 200 of them...

Below are some of the pictures from our visit... and of course along the way... we have some fun in Ipoh before returning back to Sunway...

accident (Small)

(Clockwise from the top) Mdm Kang and Leo June, the Organising chairperson for the trip

IMG_2718 copy copy (Small)

Thats me and Mdm Kang...

IMG_2636 copy copy (Small)
A curious Dog from Mdm Kang's place...

IMG_2736 copy copy (Small)

The famous 'Nga Chio Kai" Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken rice (Notice the fat bean sprout which when put into your mouth sprouts out sweet juice of the Bean Sprout. It is the signature dish of Ipoh)

IMG_2769 copy copy (Small)

Me buying the famous Salt-baked Chicken (YIM KOK KAI).... For only RM16, you get a whole chicken!!! It tastes fantastic... with lovely blend of chinese medical herbs... The Chicken was baked with hot salt that was pre-heated to the level that it was able to cook the chicken and then it forms a solid case around the chicken... A special method used by the chinese cooks to enhance the flavour of the chicken and also to bring out the essence of the chicken! MUST try in IPOH!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip to PD

It's been a while i haven't been updating this blog... I apologize to all my beloved readers... kakakka... hahaha... anyways... been busy going around with Leo club activities.. and occupied with my shutter works.. kakaka... here are some of the pics from PD... will update the trip to Kamunting, Perak as well.. Stay tuned... Meanwhile.. here u go...

PD horizon combined copy (Medium)

IMG_2324 copy2 (Medium)

IMG_2336 copy copy (Medium)

IMG_2377 copy copy (Medium)

IMG_2378 copy copy (Medium)

IMG_2365 (Medium) copy (Medium)

IMG_2283 (Large)

slippers (Medium)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Business as Charity?


Ever thought of shopping and making our world a better place to live in? Sounds impossible? Here is the BEST example. Elevyn (pronounced as "eleven") is using fair trade online stores to provide a platform to raise money for social causes. Elevyn provides a worldwide market managed by the people for the people and in between, Elevyn connects NGOs to channel the funds to the needed field.

How is that possible?

Elevyn deduce part of the sales called the Social Return on Investment (SROI) and channel it to a specific fund for the community benefit. "Raise $100 to buy books for the school" is a good example. Specific fund such as this will be setup to fund-raise for the specific purpose for the PEOPLE!

Not only so, Elevyn also aims at promoting the local artisans. Often are not the middle man overrides the hard work the artisan labor on. At Elevyn, the artisans get to market their own work and ideas.

If you still don’t understand, the diagram below may be able to help illustrate the whole process.

GO and TELL!!!
Now that you’ve understand the whole process, let’s not waste time. Be an ambassador and tell people about it!