Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We've shifted

Hi Guys, i am grateful that many of you still come here despite it being almost haunted.. hahaha... Anyways, i have shifted my blog to a new site. It is a much faster site and it'll serve you and i better.. :) You better in a sense, faster speed for your loading of pictures and such, nice layout, bigger pics, more pics, and more... serves me better in a sense i have better control of the scripts and MOST importantly, easier for me to load the pics... So, hope you guys will like the new place.. :) AND.. pls remember to drop comments if you like the photos there.. Hahhaa.. it serves as motivation.. hehehe... Thanks~



Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Blessing

I believe blessings come disguised and often are not unknown the hour the second it comes. Yet again, whether a blessing or not, it depends on ones interpretation. Big or small, blessing is a blessing. And I truly feel blessed… At this moment, should you too feel blessed, please give thanks~ Cause I truly can’t stop giving thanks to the utmost high…

The week before last week, my brother was here. And guess what, following that, my parents came! And we had a heck of a time…

Mom & Dad
My mom n Dad


Speaking of which... a friend of mine left to UK for studies...

Chui Yen
Chui Yen

Well, wish her all the best... and... lets hope she reads this... :P

Then, guess what, while shopping, Dad told me to take a picture of this little handsome... Hehehe


Crying Baby

Smilling Baby

The baby gave all three expressions!

Seeing the pictures, reminds me of life... Life's full of ups and down... we must smile, laugh and cry... then only we can know what is blessing... how is it that we know what is bitter without knowing what is sweet?

And in life, when times are really bitter, while anticipating for our life's Doraemon... we must work hard... Cause in the end... Nobita grew up without Doraemon... little did he knew.. actually... Doraemon ran out of battery...


thus, i hope my post has been entertaining enough... Till then...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A day trip to IPOH OLD town

My Brother was here and we took the opportunity to go IPOH the old town to explore... It was heck of an adventure... based on some floating knowledge of Ipoh, and a 2 hour tourist guide help, we travelled Ipoh! And ehre are some pics... enjoys...

Ipoh Trip Montage copy1 (Large)
A Photo Montage i did...

IMG_7720 copy (Large)
Padang Ipoh... with a twist of old taste...

IMG_7738 (Large)
My Brother... Looking for places to explore while i was busy shooting away...

IMG_7737 (Large)
Aun Kheng Lim.. the Famous "YIM KOK KAI" salt baked chicken!

IMG_7734_1 copy (Large)
Old structures of Ipoh Shop houses

IMG_7731 (Large)
Old structures of Ipoh that remains standing... much are preserved...

IMG_7728 copy (Large)
The key Maker from Matrix that opens the door to the past...

IMG_7723 (Large)
The HSBC building...

IMG_7718 (Large)
High Court of Ipoh

IMG_7709 (Large)
Ipoh Railway platform...

IMG_7702 (Large)
My Brother.. posing at the Railway Station corridor... NICE~

IMG_7697 copy (Large)
Ipoh Railway Station

IMG_7695 copy1 (Large)
Ipoh Civic hall. Across the Railway Station..

IMG_7689 (Large)
The famous clock tower... looks like the one from Malacca

IMG_7687 (Large)
The clock tower with some bazaar nearby...

IMG_7679 (Large)
Enjoying Taufu Fah in the car... A must have in Ipoh!

IMG_7679 (Large)
The shop. taken from inside the car... Funny Mountain

IMG_7677 (Large)
Not Forgetting our beautiful Tourist guide... AIRIS!!! *Claps* a great tourist guide... Ipoh Girls is also one of it's trade/landmark.. IPOH- a.k.a. the pretty girls factory... mainly due to the mountainous water factor.. many believe...

IMG_7675 (Large)
The famous NGA CHOI KAI (bean sprout Chicken)...

IMG_7673 (Large)
My Brother again... Enjoying the scene of the lotus pond near Sam Poh Tong...

IMG_7666 (Large)
And that's me.. hahaha... trying to be part of the statues.. kakaka...

IMG_7663 (Large)
A nearby temple... to Sam poh tong...

IMG_7661 (Large)
At the first instinct.... me and my bro were wondering wat is this... And later on we found out it is actually the 'apartment' for the dead... :S

IMG_7659 (Large)
Me at Sam Poh Tong...

IMG_7655 (Large)
My Bro at Sam Poh tong...

IMG_7649 (Large)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Say no evil... I also dunno why this can be found in a buddhist temple... Geez... And it's right underneath the Buddhist statue...

IMG_7648 (Large)
When east meets west... I also dunno why this roman-like statue on top of a roman like fountain can be found in a Buddhist temple...

IMG_7646 (Large)
Mr Tortoise... a pond hidden behind the walls of Sam Poh Tong.. It took us a while to discover this pond... gee...

IMG_7639 (Large)
Apparently an award winning garden...

IMG_7638 (Large)
Main Gate of Sam Poh Tong..

IMG_7743 (Large)
A Classic Taxi that we hopped on.. and there are still MANY of these Classic and nostalgic taxi around in IPOH!!!

Well... after we hopped on the taxi.. we went to the Bus stop to catch the next bus back to KL... That was our day in Ipoh.. Hop u enjoyed it as much as i did... :P

Till then..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outing with the girls...

Well, it was just a coincidence that i get to go out with these girls... One of them is Kimberly... A.K.A Mei Hao... a course mate of mine in Accounting... She's graduating and going back Penang.. so... we had dinner before she leaves... as for the other girl.. is Alyssa... A.K.A Ah LAI SA... who is leaving to UK soon.. so... being a 'useful' friend... have dinner with her as often as possible before she leaves lor.. hahaha... Anyways... here are some of our outing photos...

me, Kimberly and Alysa

me in b&W

Tats me~

Meanwhile, i managed to capture an artist's photo in One-U today.. It's Karina Lam / Karena Lam... Here are some of the shots.., hope u enjoyed it as much as i did... :)

Karina lam

Cropped Karina

quite photogenic isn't she?

Karina lam

Tats it... so far.. will try upload some more when i manage to find some more time.. Ciaoz...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my Dog, itself and it

Yeap.. i know.. the title's weird... but tat captured your attention right? :P Anyways... ppl have been asking me for photos... i know... here are some updates... been looking for inspiration... no model for me... :( boo... hhehee... so.. i resolve in shooting my pet.. ngeh ngeh ngeh... my buddy...

Rocky boy


wat u looking at?




look here ler