Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Gathering

I believe i owe many these... You may click on them and grab them if you want to... I hope everyone enjoyed themselves... and to those who weren't there.. don't worry, Chinese New Year is just around the corner... make sure you look for the right organiser.. :P

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time & Love

As I enter this, i'm really grateful to the Lord God of host for His Grace & Mercy. My trip to Japan is about to begin. With my arrival back in KL, a pit stop where I am to settle certain petty stuff then move on my journey.

My departure from Miri let me know how much the blessing the Lord has blessed me. Looking at my love ones.

As to mention, on top of the list, my family, Whom my wonderful parents I credit to. Their Love is something I come to understand what 'unmeasurable' mean. The greatest blessing I am blessed with!

Then, my fellow comrades. I am truly glad to have been thru my youthful years with these group of beautiful friends. Life seemed so colorful! I dare not say these are the most reliable & faithful friend. BUT they are indeed reliable & faithful.

Life's short. Like a box of chocolate, where u open it. The bitterness, the sweetness, combined to form a sense of harmony & bliss. Each taste was as blissful as another. Nonetheless, just a while only till you pop in another one.

A friend of mine once resound my mind that 'TIME' is our enemy, our friend. It was in the car when, Taiwan pop star, Jay chou's Rainbow (彩虹) brings me the thought that life is indeed short. We really need to wake up! Realize how much we need to appreciate these people before us. While we are still together, still able see each other. We live it to our best that one day, one fine day when we look back the window of yesterday, we have no regrets!

I don't know if you are reading this, but I just want you to know T-H-A-N-K-S for your time & Love! I Love you!

Friday, November 30, 2007


The day result is being released is a dreadful day for me. Every time I enter the website viewing my result, it’s horrible. I hate the feeling. I hate it. Even as I enter the website, my heart turns cold. It made my heart itch and twitch.

On the eve evening of result being released, I entered our University’s web page. I saw an unread email in the inbox. As I read it, it was the assignment marks for my International business Strategy. This is the first time in history that I’ve ever entered the exam hall without knowing the internal marks. Thank God I passed the internal with more than pass.

Now onto the overall… I entered the exam results webpage. As I glance thru. I noticed and ‘N’ immediately, my heartbeat stopped. (In Monash ‘N’ means fail) I highlighted the ‘N’ and pull it over to see which unit it was. It was International Business strategy. “I would compromise the markings and the exam marks” the voice of the lecturer came ringing to my mind. I was shocked. I was unable to move. With my parents in the room. I didn’t know how to react! Swiftly my mom came over. “So, how was it?”

“Gulp! One down the drain” faintly I answered. Dad was watching TV. He just continue watching while Mom just walk away shaking her head. All I could do was get out of the room silently.

At that moment, I thought to myself, “What a failure you are?” After the hurdle of passing all my units during semester 1. Now, I’m back to square 1. Sigh! Sigh! I feel that I’m living in nightmare that can never be awakened. It’s miserable. Studies seem so easy and yet so hard. It’s dreading.

I thought this year; I’ll be able to go through it safe and sound, seems not. I still have to face the challenge of redeeming my own dignity. In life, once you’ve gotten good results, you are not allowed to drop even once. People place high hopes in you. People anticipate good results from you more.

Humans are amazingly weird. When you are at your peak, or success, what ever you say, sees to be agreeable. However, when you are a failure, whatever you do is wrong, the way you walk is wrong, the way you talk is wrong, whatever you say is wrong even if whatever you say is right. This is how realistic the world is.

Sometimes I wonder. Why is it that study seems so easy for some and so hard for the rest? I have to admit life in Business course is much more relaxing than that of Science and engineering. BUT… We have our hard times. Have I put in my 100%? How do you define 100%? Sitting in front of the book 24/7? Not leaving the rooms for a month until the exam day? Even not going to church?!

I personally do think that all that does not measure up to 100%. Going to church is a time where 3-4 hours a week we specially devote it to God. We are humans! We need to rest! I don’t believe that giving up the 3 -4 Hours to go to church will cost me an ‘N’. Well, when u fail, you juts lose the right to voice. You don’t even have a chance to voice. To think of it, I don’t think I want to even voice.

I’m ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed for my family. I’m ashamed for Christ my Lord. I don’t what I could do now. Only time will lead.

Along the journey, i sometimes do lead myself to think... Is it because sometimes, God disappears in my life as i enter comfort zone. Therefore i need to be fling up and down to be in faith. But yet, God is Good~ I'm just so tired now. So tired i feel i could just sleep through my day~

As i browse through the picture for this particular blog. I came across a picture that depict a man in failure. with a quote that says, perhaps your best isn't good enough. I think thats the best reason to answer myself for now...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oinky bday

27 November was a date, when a good friend of mine was born. I have to admit.. I have poor memory.. but to certain limit.. I can still remember important dates… very limited… and only certain dates... trust me… through this date as well, we got the opportunity to get around together…

Anyways, Sze’s bday was great… It was a fun night out. A night where, I won’t mind going thru again… The dining, the eating of ice-cream, the chatting, the catch-up and all the laughter and smiles… very fattening... Yes.. But worth it~ Well, this post is dedicated to Sze… Hope you like the photos…

Friday, November 9, 2007


Having ended my papers on Wednesday is indeed a relief of my shoulders. The stress is gone… the only worry now is the ‘Judgement Day’… A.K.A. ‘D-Day’ I so hope it’ll turn out good… ONLY then will i be able to enjoy the remainder of my holidays... Well, there’s nothing much I can do now, Can i?… All that can be done has been done… All that’s left is waiting… This has led me to want to say a simple prayer... which I really like a lot… It helps and it really mean from the bottom of my heart… Just thought perhaps I could share it with you guys…

Dear God,

Please grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

In Jesus Name I pray~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sleep Mode?

Snore… snores… Snore… Mmm…

Finally, I am back on blog after a disastrous month of being a bloodsucker... in terms of just reading others blog rather than producing any work of my own. Hehehe… Actually, the thoughts didn’t stop, the pondering never did stop… It’s just that I didn’t have the time, or the motivation to put it onto the Blog…

I am back on track thanks to a friend who recently posted a comment on one of my blog… It made me realize that someone is actually reading. Hahaha… It then struck me that I owe a duty to my reader… ehem… Proud of it... hahaha… :P

And being the last day of my exam paper… I am now free from exam temporarily… Have to dread about 30th November, the judgment day for all Monashians… I truly pray that all that I have put in would be sufficient… Well, all I can say is… if I pass, I praise the Lord~ If I fail… I still praise the Lord… For that is what I have labored... It’s my own fruit that I need to harvest.

Having no need to take any summer unit this year, I am thankful to the Lord! For I am going to Japan in Dec for the Youth Exchange Program. I truly hope I am able to pass all the units well and enjoy my trip to Japan. Then, I’ll be able to enjoy my holidays till uni re-open where life starts to get busy again.

So much so for my sleep… look forward to post more posts… hopefully in near future, more about my trips here and there… and thoughts that surround me… Have a great time reading…

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A mini-reunion it was the day before. Many little assemblage there was. Amongst I realize, a friendship is similar to a road. It greatly reminds me of the literature – “The Road not taken” by Robert Frost. Assembling life where we each begin our journey of our own from different starting point. With little do we know the journey ahead. Though some traffic lights some time and along the journey, some police traffics placed along the side of the road and some road signs built. Before independent, many are coached. Some, without coaches, begins the journey on their own. Venturing into the unknown, we sometimes tries hard to predict the unknown. All kinds of means are utilized.

I once thought that all ship wear and break no matter what, except Friendship. That’s what people say... I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t break that easily, but it is fragile. It is yet fragile, yet it’s not so easily broken. Not so easily broken and yet it changes. Therefore, I think friendship is an amazing and weird thing. Just when friends are together, you thought this will last forever. You thought you could actually lean against each other. Some goes to the extent of making vows, some to the extent of revealing one’s deepest secret to another. So much for Friendship last forever?

We forgot we grow. We change. We adapt to our environment. As we move on to new environment, we make new friends. This is endorsed when we each separate and go into different fields, different countries, different unis, different colleges and different life. We then begin to doubt, are we still his/her BEST friend? Or IS he or she still my BEST friends. What about our current friend? What about our new friend(s)?

Many tell me that they are still very good with their past and current friend. Thats your thinking. What about them? I seemed to doubt that Best friends last forever. I think friends do. But not BEST friend(s). I may be wrong. I was told too that as long as we are pretty much alive, we expect the unexpected.

But at least what I’ve experienced is that, as we live a separate life, we are not so close anymore. We each have new commitments. We each pretty much don’t know what is going on in each other’s life. We each grow at different rate in different environment. How can u say that he/she is your best friend, when you don’t know each other’s life and you don’t go through what each other experiences?

Therefore I personally imagine friendship to be like a journey of life. We each walk at a different pace, different style, different speed, and different tempo. At certain stage of life, we meet up at some junctions, say like you meet some at Kindergarten, then some more junctions at the following crossroad, where u meet in high school, and then some more junctions at the following crossroads where u meet at work place. Perhaps more junctions where you each meet... OR even not meeting at any junctions anymore till the day you are called back to where you come from.

In scribbling off, I do personally apprise you to appreciate the friends you have around you now. They aren’t gonna be with you all the time as always suggested. Appreciate it well…

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Is it really true that the world is differentiated by 6 Degrees apart? If so, why is it that through this 6 Degrees of differentiation, a man and a woman may come together? How would you know if he or she is the one? Is it because you made a point that he or she is the one? Isn’t it funny when just you thought he or she is the one, it turns out to be sour?

Why is it that some people can so easily be in a relationship and some have to struggle and fight to be in one? Is it because of the qualities of human? Physical? Personality? Emotionally?

I was once told, man (mankind) by default is designed to have another half. I just have to keep searching and searching for the other half. The other half don’t just drop down from heaven. This I hold on tightly as I personally believe that God don’t help those who don’t help themselves. Thats where i began my search.

But yet again, SOME people are gifted with the gift of Celibacy. Consecrating them self to serve the Lord and hold fast to their gift of singleness. This I begin to ponder whether I am chosen to be gifted. As I dwell on this surface of dirt, I search and search. In confusion whether am I searching in vain!

How is it that 2 person may come together and stay together? Why he or she? When there are 6.7 billion other people on this piece of rock? I truly admire the couples who made it. Those who made it to consecrate themselves to matrimony of vow. Not only making the vow, but holding tight to it no matter what. This is something that has been happening since Genesis and yet it amazes me. It’s so simple yet so complicated.

Sometimes, I just can’t help but to say “It’s AWESOME!” In the midst of admiration, I sometimes really think. Will I be able to setup my own family and such? Will I be able to have a spouse next time? Will I be a good companion, b/f, husband, father and maybe grandpa? To think of it, it’s really far and yet so near.

The fact that not even having a g/f makes me really doubt. How is it that I always get the NO? When will I get a yes? Try harder? It’s not easy to have a feel for someone and then court and then propose and then comes a NO. It’s painful…

How is it that Our God is a God of Love and yet it’s so hard to Love? Try as I may, to love but it’s just so different to love someone with affection and to love someone with care. It’s different. Loving someone special means the Love you pour out is so special that it’s poured out is so special for that person only. You can’t possibly duplicate this love per se.

If only love is like cooking. Where I know what ingredients I need, how to cook it and how to prepare it. But yet, Love needs patience. Just like cooking, you sometimes need slow fire to slowly bring out the taste. And sometimes big flame to flambé the flavor out.

Ah, the aroma I can smell from the table across. And yet where is mine? To start with, where are the ingredients? Who am I cooking this for? Or Whom shall I cook this with? It’s really disturbing to know that the earth is actually differentiated with 6 Degrees only. So near and yet so far… Where art Thou?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

More or Less

In this post, a special dedication towards Brother Desmond. Thanks for the sharing and the challenge...

More or less?
The More you Want, The more you Need;
The More you Give, The Less you Want;
The Less you Want, The more you Have.
Desmond, 2007

Simple may it sound. BUT many neglect this very simple principle. This very simple 'sense' that is blinded by the very greediness of our eyes. Often are the times when our heart is deceived by the lust of want. What we see, we want. What our brethren have, we covet. What our friends own we desire to possess. What others receive, we yearn...

Sound familiar? As much as we compare, we lost the sense gifted by God in us. We are so eluded in our greediness. We have become so numbed that we don't even know that we have sinned against God!

In our journey of pursuing God, we cannot pursue Money the same time. It is however wrong to think that it is wrong to have the mentality of wanting to be rich. Wanting to be rich is not wrong at all. It's just that you just have to 1st define what is rich? How rich is rich? And why do you want to be rich.

Among the best example given in Bible is King Solomon, son of King David. King Solomon to date is still regarded as the richest man ever lived. His wealth are from the result of pursuing God. He 1st pursued God, then only God gave him Wealth. By pursuing God, God gave Solomon wisdom. and through these infinite Wisdom from God that Solomon generated Wealth and managed those wealth.

Solomon knew why he is rich. he knew how he is rich, how he became rich and how rich is rich. Therefore, to those who seek fortune. 1st seek thyself. Only through finding one-self, one will be able to know ones purpose and ones portion of wealth!

With that i pray earnestly that one find self before wealth..

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Will it sustain?

After 21 days since losing my 'baby' - Bike... Today, I praise the Lord for his kind and goodness that i am being blessed with another bike. Only to lose a Rock and Get Nexus. Hopefully it'll be sustained and well watched over this time round.

Clearer description & picture can be found at:

Well, going back to the same shop in SS 14, arriving at the shop itself gave the shop owner a fright. the immediate reaction was as if he knew my bike's stolen already. Signaling to me using his hand , flipping it over & over, asking me, "gone?" i just smiled and nod.

Having to make my decision on Bike again, he told me that the price of bicycle has increased since my last visit. Neverthe less, he will still quote me the 'best' price. I was thinking... "should i buy back the same Rock bike or should i get something of the same range?"

The Choices laid out were Raleigh, Nexus & Rock Bike. Each differentiated by RM 20. I was especially attracted to Nexus & Raleigh's frame. The problem that Raleigh had was that it's tyre Spooks structure is a single walled while Rock Bike & Nexus both has Doubled walled tyre spooks. As science recommends, double walled spooks are able to support heavier mass. Besides, Raleigh's price was the highest of all the three. Therefore, Raleigh fell out of the choice list.

Narrowing to only 2, I was of course attracted to Nexus as I used Rock Bike for 26 days (1 Aug - 26 Aug), i know how Rock Bike functions and it's characteristics. I look at nexus, It's really 'sexy' :P With that, i think to myself, "there so many Rockbikes in Monash Uni which looks the same as this one. Why not get something 'extra-ordinary'?" And besides, with extra RM 18 i can get something better... Thats where i decided to get Nexus.

Originally RM 420, I managed to get the price of RM 388 (inclusive of the bike, Alloyed paddle & a heavy duty lock). Thank God for me being a Foochow... Did i mentioned the shop-owner was a Foochow too? :P hahaha...
With the choice made, i had to make sure the safety of the bike. I got the heavy duty lock. From the picture, i made a comparisons of it with the pencil to show how thick it is. And look at the intersections of the lock. It's quite thick. I suppose it will take a REALLY huge cutter to cut it.

The Lock itself already is as heavy as a 700ml mineral water bottle. Therefore, additional purpose... 'walloping' (whacking) anyone who endanger me... Hopefully won't use it to that extend :P Kakaka...

Right after buying the bike, i cycled to church. On the way, it brought back so much sad memory of losing the bike. My eyes were literally scanning all around and searching into all houses looking for the sight of my old bike. The thought of seeing my old bike or Paul's bike creates a deep hate and pain in my heart.

After arriving at church, i thought i would ask Pastor to bless the bike. But to much hope comes much disappointment. Pastor's on leave... :S What a day... Anyways, I know that with earnest prayers, i know God is watching over it. And i am responsible on taking care of it. By any fault, it's my own fault on letting it happen...

Soon, Church will be moving to the new building near Medan.. Then, i'll be able to avoid that painful place with bad memories~ May you all who read this blog help me pray & bless my new 'baby'... :P Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

+-×÷ equation to be successfully rich?

This is especially dedicated to Brother Sio Yean. Thanks to his sharing during the service, that it is actually a very interesting point that struck me... It's easy to remember and apply in life...

+-×÷ equation to successfully be successfully rich?

As Bro Sio Yean is a book person... He searches books in bookstores and savors them just as most of the book lovers would.. As most of us would usually do. We will usually glance through the bestsellers sections and look at interesting titles with interesting covers... Then pick some of them up and read them... and if its good enough and affordable, or worth buying, we will proceed to counter and buy them. Among the books favourited, that capture people's attention nowadays are books that teaches you about wealth, making more money, duplicate your wealth and all that... Brother Sio yean would usually just read and hesitate to buy them... The reason? - They all have one common pattern...

Earn more... Spend Less... Just as he was taught the Chinese Culture way... The Chinese proverbs puts it: "开源节流" (Kai Yuan Jie Liu) literally: Open up more streams of incomes and reduce streams of spending. How does that relates to the +-×÷? let me explain...

+ (plus) increase your savings... increase in your income... Increase in praying for blessings...

- (Reduce) spendings, expenditure and so forth.. Buy only what is needed not what we want...

× (Multiply) your blessings by giving to others. The more you give, the more you shall receive. He gave an example of giving to the church where the church will diversify the benefits to the church members. Let the house of the Lord be equipped, furnished and grandiosed. Then the Lord shall uphold you.

÷ (divide) your income wisely. Proportionate to your need. share your blessings as usual...

As i often ask... is it wrong to be rich? or wanting to be rich?

Answer?- It's not wrong actually... As long as you keep the mentality of not being selfish. This is particularly important. As we become selfish, we defy Love. God is Love. From God comes our blessings. Therefore, thou shall not be selfish.

In the quest of being rich, you shall learn how to be a good manager, a good keeper, a good planner. Say if you own a house. you are to go on vacation. Who will you pass the house to? To a responsible and good manager or a simply greedy and notorious person? Same, wealth is a blessing from the Lord, If you can't manage it well, no matter how much more God is giving you, it'll be all down the drain. You just don't deserve it. Therefore, by asking for more wealth, ask for more wisdom in handling the wealth you have in hands 1st. Then eventually blessings will follow. Among the greatest wisdom God has revealed to Mankind is actually through the books of Proverbs where in the prologue itself has revealed the purpose and meaning of the books of Proverbs. May we all learn and continue to seek wisdom from God on how to better manage our wealth! God Bless!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Taken away... in Memories

Let the weak say, "I am strong."
Let the poor say, "I am rich."
Let the blind say, "I can see;
It's what the Lord has done in me."

This this the song... it touches me... It really comforts me a lot... This day... I am saddened by an incident that challenges my faith... my patience and will... My rock bike is gone... GONE!!!

It is indeed an incident that i never expected it to happen. It was a typical Sunday where i go and help out at church. I cycled there and LOCKED my bike to Paul's bike and to the 3 pipes... BUT at 1:45PM (est.) Paul called me and said, 'Garry, your bike is gone." At first, i thought he was joking. I thought he might have taken my keys and unlock it and play a joke on me... BUT as i go down... I saw all that was left is just the chain cut loose. I am shocked! I just don't know what to say and what to do~

All these while, i never expect my bike to disappear from church. It's at CHURCH"s MAIN entrance! the place where all church members are entering and exiting! But believe it or not.. it's now gone... i took precautions of bringing my bike inside my home instead of locking it downstairs my apartment. making sure i lock it well before leaving my bike around... NOW... it's gone! GONE...

The first point that came to my mind was, Did i sin against GOD? what have i done that caused me to deserve this? This is ridiculous... i can't take it! I can't accept it... At the same time, my mind struggles with me telling me to calm down and pray... I thank God my consciousness is still taking control... With all the church people surrounding me... All giving me their 'condolence'...

My mind stray so far that i thought of "How am i suppose to go uni now?"... back to old shape.. WALK! sigh... i just could bear it... I am so disappointed! after all the cycling... the comfort-ness of conveniences... going every in Sunway as i like. Going church anytime i like. Going Uni according to my preference of time... going to eat and going home as i like...

NOW... with my bike Gone... It's like in the Mika Song... "... like God took away my legs..."... Indeed... my conveniences are restricted once again...

But after all the thoughts.. with confuse and lost... I turn to God... for refuge and direction... Indeed... when man search high and low, left and right, up and down... There's only one way to turn to... GOD!

Seeking answer through prayers, devotion and saints... At once, i felt like i am like Job. But my conscience tells me not... Job lost everything. I didn't. Job suffered loss all by himself. I loss it with Paul.. So, i am not in the worst situation after all...

Through the daily bread...God comforts me with the bible verse in 1 Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you" there on, i cast all my heart-felt to God... i seek for Patience, strength, Love, Peace and Joy from Him! With the addition devotion summary verse that says "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength." —Isaiah 40:31

That really soothes some part of the pain. some verses promptly pops out of my mind... with on of them:

Isaiah 55:8-9 8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. 9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I did the Lord's prayer during my devotion. With that, it brought my attention to 'Let Your Will be done on earth as it it in Heaven...' This may happen and i don't know why it happened... I choose to hang on to my Lord. My lord knows whats best for me...

As i move on... these thoughts come to me... I shall look forward... not backward... Perhaps, I am suppose to lose the bike so that i don't get into an accident.. I don't know.. but i know God has His plans for me... await it patiently... May God give me the strength to get through it...

As i read my email article of faith... again... it reminds me of the thoughts i have... with the bible verse that go
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. - Proverbs 19:21" This further encourages me.

Again, seeking answer from God, God spoke through the Oswald Chambers' Golden book. It speaks of the troubled. John 14:27 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. It reminds me that i may not seek peace thru any other thing. but only thru my Lord Jesus. King of peace. Peace comes from HIM. Let us fix our eyes upon Him, just as said in Hebrews 12:2 2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

In ending... I would like to pray that, I may find the door that God has provided in my life... Every time when God closes a door, He opens another. We just have to back off from the closed door and search for another open door... I also want to take the opportunity to pray for the person who stole my bike. May he/she realize that stealing is not a solution to things. It's not right to take from others, regardless if he/she is rich or poor. If he/she is a non-believer, I pray that he/she may have the opportunity to have access to the Gospel. May the Holy Spirit touch him/her. Let he/she repent from the act and May God pardon him/her. I truly pray that if he/she is a believer, He/she may realize that by his/her act, it has caused pain to others.

As for myself, May God Almighty fill this heart with LOVE. So much that people surrounding me could feel it... Let me not be overcome by hatred or anger... Help me be more Christ-like. All this i ask in Jesus Name. Amen!

May those who reads this, pray with me as well. Thanks for your participation in prayers! God Bless!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A prayer for You who are weary~

I felt the burden in this prayer... It's dedicated to all.. May we pray and share this prayer together...

M ay God give you...

For every storm, a rainbow;
For every tear, a smile;
For every care, a promise;
And a blessing in each trial,
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share;
For every sigh, a sweet song;
And an answer for each prayer.

I earnestly pray through mighty Saviour Jesus Name I pray. Amen!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lord's Clinic

I specially give thanks to My foster Sister, Jane~ Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of Power points with me... It is in power point format. I have taken then initiative to copy everything down and post it in my blog. It would good to share this wonderful checkup testimony by one of our bro/ Sis in Christ. The Slide goes as below...

I went to The Lord's Clinic to have my routine check-up and i was confirmed i was ill.

Apparently, Jesus was the Medical officer.

When Jesus took my blood pressure, He saw i was low in TENDERNESS.

When He read my temperature, the thermometer registered 40 Degree of Anxiety

He ran an electro-cardiogram and found that i needed several 'LOVE bypasses' since my arteries were blocked with loneliness and could not provide for an empty heart

I went to Orthopedics, because i could not walk by my brother's side and i could not hug my friends, since i had fractured myself when tripping with envy.

He also found i was short-sighted, since i could not see beyond the shortcomings of my brothers and sisters.

When i complained about deafness, the diagnostic was that i had stopped listening to Jesus' voice talking to me on a daily basis.

For all of that, Jesus gave me a free consultation. Thanks to his mercy, so my pledge is once i leave this Clinic, only take the natural remedies He prescribed through His words of truth.

Every morning, take a full glass of gratitude.
When Getting to work, take a spoon of peace.

Every hour, take one pill of patience, one cup of brotherhood and one glass of humility.

When getting home, take one dose of LOVE.
When getting to bed, take 2 caplets of clear conscience.

Do NOT give in to sadness or desperation for what you are going through today. God knows how you feel...

God Knows exactly and with perfection what is being allowed to happen to you in your life at this precise moment.

God's purpose for you is simply perfect.

He wants to show you things that only you can understand by living what you are living and by being in the place you are now.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday - MUM

Forrest Gump, "My Mommy says life's like a BOX of chocolate"

It was this beautiful quote that inspired me to name my blog after... It is also to honour my Mom for her effort in raising me up. This lady - the lady of my heart. Her name, itself already bring warmth into my heart. A friend, who is always there. The one i can turn to. The angel the Lord, hath sent forth to be with me. The one, whose name is not important at all. The one, whom i owe my achievement to. A WOW MOM!

Today, the sun rise as usual, the clouds in the sky moved as it it. The Wind breeze as it always is. Thank God. In my heart, there's a special season turning in. A day I rejoice as a day of her existence. It was this same date, 47 years ago that a lady by destiny to be my MUM was born. Thank God for giving me this Iron, yet soft and gentle as the cotton, Lady.

It is no wonder The Lord set Parents as the 1st Commandment in His covenant with Man~ Exodus 20:12 12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

For it is also written, 1 Timothy 5:8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

I give thanks to the Lord that I am able to enjoy LOVE from my parents. Am able to honor them. I praise Him for that~ May the Lord continue to bless and keep Mum and Dad as they would always be. I would like to take this opportunity to pray for those who are less fortunate. May the fortunate share their LOVE with those of less fortunate. Truly our GOD is an Awesome God!

Last but not least, I dedicate this poem to MUM.

From the dawn,
till Dusk,
you cared for the house,
not the house,
but its occupants,
Well organised,
well fed,
well cared for,
Most importantly,
the LOVE poured,
I give thanks!
More than words can say,

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Rock Bike

It's been almost a year and a half that i am in Sunway city now. Studying in Monash. During my first few months here. I am quite disappointed with the public transport here. It's poor, untimely, unhealthy (all the black smokes), unfriendly, noisy and terrible.

Initially, i wanted to request for a car. A Kancil at this point is quite useful. Fulfilling the criteria of a C-A-R. Cheap, Affordable and Reasonable. None-the-less, i neglected an important point which my parents thought of. What am i going to do with it after i graduate? Sell? Transfer it back to hometown?

Looking at selling as an option. Kancil or any car in common, depreciates very fast. 'They' depreciates 60% once the 'green card' (registration card a.k.a ic for the Car) is produced. Transfer? well, the usage capacity of the cars at home is already under par. There is already a 6006 sitting at home, waiting for some one to use it.

Therefore, getting a car is unpractical. That is if i intend to stay in Kl temporary. Some of you out there may argue with the concern of getting a 2nd hand car. Sound practical? Still, maintenances? Petrol? Accident? Parking fees? where to park? Servicing? Ya i know that many people tend to say that not all 2nd hand cars are in bad condition. But still, there is a possibility And it's quite high!

After i gave up on the thoughts of getting a car, i look upon the 'cabbies'. In KL, these are also known as the common cousin of Dracula. They suck the blood out of you without any consent! Though not all. I thank God and pray for those honest taxi drivers.

After using the taxi services for half a year, which suck my blood dry, i finally accepted the fact of walking to Uni/ College. It was healthy, good exercise and Free! That maintained for another half a year.

The only problem with walking is raining and time consuming. Rain is a factor to almost all transport. EVEN CARS. Raining in Malaysia is as if a storm or disaster is coming. Everyone seems to slow down, or basically stop!~ I don't mean to say slowing down is not good, but not to the extend of Stopping! or causing Jam! For pedestrian and cyclist, of course its because of the sheltering problem. Therefore, raining can be exempted, as its the act of God~

Finally after pondering and evaluating on alternatives. Even looked at shifting myself nearer to Uni/ College. Still it doesn't help much. Through gaining something, i will lose something.
Might as well stay at comfort point.

So, i finally took a bold step of proposing a bicycle. An environmental friendly transport other than walk. Faster than walk, cleaner than a motorcycle, cheaper than a car. Easy, affordable, simple and eco-friendly (E-A-S-E). It's easy to maintain. Portable. If not going long distance.

Looking a few points that help me evaluate on getting a bike:

  1. Faster mode of transport than walking.
  2. Worth investing as its easily 'liquid-able' (Can sell if moving)
  3. Low/ No maintenance
  4. Church is moving to somewhere i can cycle to.
  5. I can cycle to 'Pasar Malam' to buy my vegetables and fruits cheaply.
  6. I am used to cycling since young.
  7. Quite cheap compared to other mode of transport.
  8. Don't need any license.
  9. Environmental friendly.
  10. don't need to wait for bus.

There are actually many more benefits. After proposing these. Thanks to my Mummy and Daddy, I got their approval and went ahead.

This was the bicycle i got from SS 14. I got it with a good friend of mine. Paul. When i first went there, i wanted to get a Lerun. My old bike was a Lerun too. However, the owner advised me to get the Rock Bike. His advice was that Lerun is currently catering to high and low end market. Low end, really low and high end really high. The quality is a little bit lower. He showed me the differences. I even went to the Lerun Authorized dealer shop to have a look at it. Indeed, the low end is really low. The high end is really high. Similar to Giant bikes. Giant is a really famous brand for bikes. Especially mountain bikes. Heavy duty and solid. Though this is my first encounter with Rock Bike. I think it should be fine. I changed the pedals with Alloy pedals, i added the bottle holder as well. Btw, the handles of Lerun for the lower ends ones are really thin. They are just common handles. As for Rock Bike, they are really solid. Never-the-less, i still love my bike back home. The Alloy frame, with extensive aluminum bar. Well, we just have to look forward in Life isn't it?

Not only the handles are different, Rock Bike has the new design of spokes. Its meant for heavy duty purposes and friction retention. Look at the picture:

In ending, I look forward to cycle the bicycle till i graduate. May God keep my bicycle well. I believe He will. Hope it will not be stolen. Thats all for now. Till Then, Thanks for reading. God Bless!