Monday, March 30, 2009

Faith Station Outing

Hey all, for those who don't really know what faith Station is... it is a fun fellowship which welcomes all students.... We gather to share, enjoy, fun, friends, grow, love and MAKAN... yup! you got it... it's the MAKAN Word... we, Malaysian, strives to eat at LEAST 3 meals a day... we make sure u get that... hahaha... anyways, here are some of the pictures of our 'fei lou ship' (fellowship)...

Hope u all enjoy it...

ads (Medium)

Saw this ad.. and i thought it's really cool... the msg is quite strong...
u get it, means u get it... u dun get it means u dun get it... (Lin, 2009)

bear (Medium)

Owh... so cute right? He's up for sale, apparently... bring him home for half the original price! I would love to... but... i dun need it yet... (good tool for proposing? >.<)

Lavin (Medium)

After weeks of test... i suppose it's okay for her to treat herself right? i want some too! Wohooo~

sistas (Medium)
These cheerful sistas really brings the group joy~ Hahaha... Thats Dada and Lavinia... A good model for BR's Ad~

nise n paul (Medium)
last but not least... A loving couple in FS... Sweet one... hahaha... Glad they are happy together!

Again, it reminds me that life's like a box of chocolate... sometimes you may have eaten the bitter ones, which you don't really fond.. but little bitterness brings up the sweetness of the chocolate... :P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My bday in Genting

Other than my parents and my family, another of my greatest blessing i count is having a bunch of really close bunch of friends... this year, they have made the effort to 'pre-book' me and actually brought me to Genting Highlands... It was an extremely fun trip... I must express my gratitude towards them for taking the effort to go Genting Highlands with me... What more could a friend ask if not the birthday remembered and cherished in such a memorable way... It was actually a sort of our 1st outing that involves a night stay... Well, thanks to Shirley and Song song for their precise and well arrangement that we got our free night stay... Too bad it was only a night... Here are some of the photos.. though not complete... but... suffice to show u our trip...

big poster of me bday (Medium)

group (Medium)

silhoutte1 (Medium)

can u recognize them from their back?

IMG_1748 waie (Medium)

I can't help but to show Chung's prize... from his lucky ducky in the pond... Well.. i tried.. but got nothing... Bleh~

Well.. till then.. will update soon... :) Thanks for those who sms-ed and posted bday msg on my wall! Thanks for remembering!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love is?

well... it is weird that we human has this thing called 'Love'... some prefer calling it a chemical... which some believe it is caused by the hormone Pheromones... well... whether u like it or not... i do personally think there is a supreme one... who originates it all... in that, i would love to share one of the special animation made by my fellow talented church mates for last year's 'Love actually' event... It's one of the most stunning for me... hahaha... hope u enjoy it as much as i do...

Love Actually Opening Video from Tarhoay on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Late posting

Well, first of all.. i apologize for the late posting... There has been some hiccups in my production side... (my computer problem) and due to plenty of factors... which i will not bore you all with... anyways... i finally manage to finish this set of photo editing where i took with a pretty lady from Teluk intan... Hope you all will enjoy the photography... :)

chui yen combined (Large)

More to come... Stay tune...